This is the website of C.J.York and Candy York


Two authors, one web page!


Technically, Candy York and C.J. York are one and the same person, but for the sake of their readership they are identified on this webpage as if they are indeed two totally separate human beings. Why? It's simple really, they write totally different kinds of fiction.


Candy York writes contemporary romances, all kinds of romances, for an adult audience, primarily of women. They are stories set in our world, in small-towns, and are all about relationships and families.


C.J. York is her alter-ego, and she writes totally different types of books. C.J. York writes dystopian/paranormal/futuristic stories, often partially set in our world and aimed at people who love their romances to be a little other-worldly.

This website serves the dual purpose of promoting both at the same time, without confusing anyone as to which author writes which type of books.

If you're only interested in the romance, click on CANDY YORK at the top. And if you're into the more paranormal type, you know you just need to click on C.J. YORK.

Our contact page will reflect each author as a separate entity, so if you want to get in contact with one or the other, just choose the author name on that page.


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